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Venezuela does not give up

15 de Marzo de 2017



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The Venezuelan selection in the World Baseball Classic has little by little achieved its objectives and continue to advance in the international tournament. The team is now in San Diego to begin their participation in the second round against the United States in group F, where they also will face Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

The tricolor team hopes to have a better performance against the rivals that await. "We have the opportunity to vindicate ourselves, to make the necessary adjustments to play a higher-level baseball and to demonstrate the talent we have," said Carlos Gonzalez, right fielder.

In his opinion, the transition to the parks of the United States gives them more confidence as a team. "It is very important to feel comfortable and play in a field that is familiar to everyone, I think it will help us to develop better and have greater confidence".

On the rivals that await them, González acknowledges that they will have to give more than 100 percent to face them, but insists that Venezuela has the necessary weapons to win a pass to semi-finals. "It’s not going to be easy, but I ask the fans to trust us because everyone who took this commitment did it with the conviction to take the championship to our country, and we still believe in that".


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