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Carlos Gonzalez all set for 2017

03 de Marzo de 2017



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The preparation a big leaguer undergoes to face a new season can take months of work which leaves no room for rest. That’s the life of a big leaguer, “no offseason”. If anyone can be proof of this, it is Carlos Gonzalez, who spent the last 6 months submerged in a training program which has made him ready for 2017. 

Last February 16th, the Colorado Rockies Right Fielder reported to spring training camps in Arizona. A little bit early, but with the goal of not only be ready for the upcoming challenge, but also for the duty of representing Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic in March. 

 “I feel more than ready and with a lot of enthusiasm. I want this to be a memorable year”, stated the big leaguer who is entering the last year of his contract with the Rockies and maintains the uncertainty about his future. “It’s not the moment to think about that, the moment to make decisions will come soon enough. Right now I am only interested in playing and, as always, give the best of me.” 

 Gonzalez has all his faith set in the mountain team, which is set up with all the tools needed to take the western division title. “I think this will be our year, there is a lot of young new talent that has shown that they can take us very far, as well has players who surprise us each year with their development. On my behalf I will always be ready to give my best and help the younger ones with my experience.”

The Maracaibo native is focused on staying healthy this crucial year for his future under the big top.  “What matters is to be playing, it’s the only way to obtain victories and make the numbers so I can overcome myself each day. My main challenge is to surpass myself and be a better professional each day. 

In a couple of days Gonzalez will reunite with his compatriots to wear the Venezuelan uniform at the World Baseball Classic, which will cause him to be absent from spring training during the international tournament. 


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