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Venezuela goes all in for the World Baseball Classic

03 de Marzo de 2017



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The world’s biggest baseball celebration is about to kick off and on March 9, Mexico will be the place where Venezuela and its rivals will start their journey in a new edition of the World Baseball Classic.  

On this first round Carlos Gonzalez will be playing as a right fielder for the team assembled by manager Omar Vizquel, alongside renowned baseball figures like Miguel Cabrera, José Altuve and Salvador Pérez. 

Gonzalez, who will be participating in his second world tournament with the burgundy jersey, has stated on many occasions how thrilled he is to have been chosen by director Vizquel to represent the colors of his flag. 

“As a Venezuelan it is truly an honor to be part of this group of talented baseball players who are committed to heightening the name of our country. The goal was not fulfilled the last time, but this time I believe we are more prepared and filled with enthusiasm to put up a good front“, commented the slugger, who is already warming up in the spring training camps of the Colorado Rockies  

The job of this group of Venezuelan players, who are considered one of the most competitive teams, is to take home a title that will surely bring back the so much needed joy to their people. “We’ve been working like never before, focused on this challenge and committed with the sports fans of our beautiful country, who deserve to celebrate such a great triumph with us”

The Zulia native player stays in touch with his teammates and technical staff, who are sorting out the details for his participation in the Classic, where they’ll be going head to head with Mexico, Italy and Puerto Rico in the first round. 

“Our participation in this competition is very positive, because not only do we have the opportunity to bring this title to our country, but also the chance to start off the season in the major leagues on the right foot and be one step ahead when April arrives”.


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