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Carlos González Foundation, work is not over

03 de Marzo de 2017



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After Carlos and Indonesia engaged in the world of philanthropy by creating their own foundation, the work never stops. Each day they set more and more challenges and goals to have a bigger impact on the community.

For that reason, amongst the plans of the Carlos Gonzalez Foundation, is to continue providing medical supplies and equipment to Venezuelan hospitals. 

After the successful donation of a container valued at half a million dollars for various hospitals of Sinamaica (located in the north region of the Zulia state in Venezuela), the work doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. 

2017 is a promising year because the Carlos Gonzalez Foundation and Project Cure have made a strategic alliance that will provide 4 containers with medical supplies to be hand over this year, which represents a donation of 2 million dollars in equipment for health centers. 

The health relief for Venezuelans project is in its initial phase, where the American institution will study which hospitals will be targeted according to their needs.

Indonesia González, vice-president of the Carlos González Foundation, along with a delegate of Project Cure will visit various health centers to define which kind of assistance they should provide according to their needs.


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