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03 de Marzo de 2017



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The history of the Carlos González Foundation is born from the need of Carlos and his family to give back all the blessing they have received. That is why on 2014 they decided to bring this dream to life and start to work for youth. 

Here’s a little recap of the most recent events that were held in Venezuela and the US to bring forward a wonderful project that benefits kids in sports and health fitness. 

August 2016

The Carlos González Foundation brings “hope” to La Guajira

The Carlos Gonzalez foundation donated 500 thousand dollars in medical supplies, among them, beds, wheel chairs, and diapers. Indonesia de Gonzalez, vice-president of the foundation, was in charge of opening the container in which the supplies where transported, which caused more than 300 people to gather in the square to greet her before sun down. 

Between tears and applauds, the Wayuu families thanked Carlos Gonzalez´s wife, who wore a traditional Guajira dress and greeted all those who saw her grow in her hometown La Guajira. “I am very happy; I can’t speak because I’m overwhelmed with emotion. This is a milestone, a dream of the Carlos Gonzalez foundation, one we have dedicated a lot of work to”. 

This donation of medical supplies is the first given to the Venezuelan Guajira on behalf of this foundation that is 2 years old. “It’s the first of many we will do in Venezuela, because knowing that lives can be saved with this is just priceless.  




September 2016

Carlos Gonzalez gives smiles to the kids with Down syndrome

The social work of Carlos Gonzalez transcends borders. Besides helping Venezuela through his foundation, the Venezuelan baseball player participates in activities with his Major League team, the Colorado Rockies, to give smiles to the little ones.  

Through his social media accounts, the Zulia native fielder shared a photo with the kids of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation on the Rockies Fantasy Camp.

 “A special morning doing what I love the most”, wrote “CarGo” as a caption for a series of photograph published on his Twitter account this Saturday on the social event he attended. 

His Wife, Indonesia Gonzalez also participated in the activity. The fielder shared another picture on his Instagram account alongside her and 2 of the 50 kids at the event. “A fun morning with these kids” Gonzalez commented. 

Source: Versió


November 2016

The Carlos González Foundation gave toys to the kids of the Zulia state in Venezuela

Following the Christmas season tradition, the Carlos Gonzalez Foundation makes itself felt with the presence of its president Big leaguer Carlos Gonzalez and his wife Indonesia Gonzalez , who once again returned to their hometown of Maracaibo to hand out gifts and joy amongst the little ones. The couple and family members handed out more than 600 toys of a total 2100 for the children of the Coquivacoa Little league, the same little league that saw him become a Colorado Rockies star. 

On an event that counted with help from Santa, the big leaguer dedicated a couple of hours to share the magic with hundreds of Little leaguers who with open arms received their Christmas gift. “ It’s very rewarding to be able to do this kind of activities, return to my country with my hands full to give back all the love and support I have received from people throughout my career” 



November 2016

Carlos Gonzalez conducts a sports clinic at the Coquivacoa stadium

The Colorado Rockies big leaguer from Maracaibo, Carlos Gonzalez, held a sports clinic this Tuesday at the Ramon Dario Urdaneta stadium for the little leaguers of the Coquivacoa Little League. Grounds maintenance works were also executed for the enjoyment of the community. 

 “The most important thing is routine, discipline and dedication”. With these words Carlos González kick started his baseball workshop in the San Jacinto stadium with 45 kids aged 6-12 years and who train in this complex.  

“I hope to see many Carlos González or Miguel Cabrera coming out of this stadium. Here we will not only learn to play, we will also learn to be good human beings, like doctors, engineers or lawyers” said the outfielder, who also expressed how happy he was to be back in the stadium that saw him develop into a player. 



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